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Stainless Steel 347 Tubes

Ganpat Industrial Corporation is one of the pioneer dealer and trader for Stainless Steel 316TI Tubes, which has a long track record in the steel industry and we focus on building lasting partnerships with our customers. If Stainless Steel 316 Seamless Tubes is certified as straight grade, the carbon content would have to be at a level of 0.03 % maximum in order to be dual certified. The L grade in Stainless Steel 316L Welded Tubes has a lower maximum carbon limit and the straight grade has increased mechanical properties. If the material is certified as Stainless Steel 316 EFW Tubes that implies the carbon is at a maximum level and this can only be certified to the straight grade if the increased mechanicals are met. When stainless steel was first introduced, Stainless Steel 316L ERW Tubes has been selected for countless applications across a wide array of industries due to its excellent mechanical and corrosion properties. Now, as more and more emphasis is placed on choosing materials that are sustainable, Stainless Steel 316 Round Tubes is also gaining significant recognition due to its outstanding environmental properties. Stainless Steel 316L Square Tubes is 100 % recyclable, is typically able to meet the lifetime requirements for a project, and has outstanding end of life recapture rates. We have the insight necessary to advise you on the optimal solution of Stainless Steel 316 Rectangular Tubes for your specific application.

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Stainless Steel 347 Seamless Tubes

Stainless Steel 347 High Pressure Tube
347Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes
Stainless Steel 347 Welded Tube
SS 347 Rectangular Tubes
SS 347 Round Tubes

SS 347 Welded Tubes Specifications
Specifications : ASTM A/ASME SA213/A249/A269
Dimensions : ASTM, ASME and API
SS 347 Tubes Size
: 1/8″NB TO 30″NB IN
Thickness : 0.35mm to 6.35mm OD in thickness ranging from 0.1mm to 1.2mm.
Schedule : SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Type : Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Tubes
Form : Round, Square, Rectangular, Hydraulic Etc
Length : Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length.
End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded


Types of Stainless Steel 347 Tubes

Stainless Steel 347 Seamless Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Seamless Tube SS 347 Seamless Tubes
347 SS Seamless Tube
347 Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes
UNS S34700 Seamless Tube
GOST 08Ch18N12B Seamless Tube
WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Seamless Tubes
ASME SA213TP 347 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube
Stainless Steel 347 Welded Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Welded Tube SS 347 Welded Tubes
347 SS Welded Tube
347 Stainless Steel Welded Tubes
SS UNS S34700 Welded Tube
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Welded Tubes
ASTM A249 TP 347 Stainless Steel Welded Tubes
Stainless Steel 347 Round Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Round Tubes SS 347 Round Tube
347 SS Round Tubes
347 Stainless Steel Round Tube
GOST 08Ch18N12B Round Tube
UNS S34700 Round Tubes
SS UNS S34700 Round Tube
ASTM A269 TP 347 Stainless Steel Round Tubes
Stainless Steel 347 Square Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Square Tube SS 347 Square Tubes
347 SS Square Tube
347 Stainless Steel Square Tubes
UNS S34700 Square Tube
WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Square Tubes
ASME SA213 TP 347 Stainless Steel Square Tube
Stainless Steel 347 Rectangular Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Rectangular Tubes SS 347 Rectangular Tubes
347 SS Rectangular Tube
347 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubes
SS UNS S34700 Rectangular Tube
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Rectangular Tubes
ASTM A269 TP 347 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube
Stainless Steel 347 Decorative Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Decorative Tube SS 347 Decorative Tube
347 SS Decorative Tubes
GOST 08Ch18N12B Decorative Tube
347 Stainless Steel Decorative Tube
SS UNS S34700 Decorative Tubes
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Decorative Tube
ASTM A213 TP 347 Stainless Steel Decorative Tubes
SS 347 Santiary Tube Stainless Steel 347 Sanitary Tube SS 347Sanitary Tube
347 SS Sanitary Tubes
347 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube
SS UNS S34700 Sanitary Tubes
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Sanitary Tube
ASTM A249 TP 347 Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubes
Stainless Steel 347 Polish Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Polish Tube SS 347 Polish Tubes
347 SS Polish Tube
347 Stainless Steel Polish Tubes
SS UNS S34700 Polish Tube
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Polish Tubes
ASTM A213 TP 347 Stainless Steel Polish Tube
SS 347 Instrumentation Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Instrumentation Tube SS 347 Instrumentation Tube
347 SS Instrumentation Tubes
347 Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tube
SS UNS S34700 Instrumentation Tubes
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Instrumentation Tube
ASTM A213 TP 347 Stainless Steel Instrumentation Tubes
SS 347 Heat exxchager Tube Stainless Steel 347 Heat exxchager Tube SS 347 Heat exxchager Tubes
347 SS Heat exxchager Tube
347 Stainless Steel Heat exxchager Tubes
GOST 08Ch18N12B Heat exxchager Tube
SS UNS S34700 Heat exxchager Tube
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Heat exxchager Tubes
ASTM A249 TP 347 Stainless Steel Heat exxchager Tubes
SS 347 Bright Annealing Tubes Stainless Steel 347 Bright Annealing Tube SS 347 Bright Annealing Tubes
347 SS Bright Annealing Tube
347 Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Tubes
SS UNS S34700 Bright Annealing Tube
SS WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4550 Bright Annealing Tube
ASTM A213 TP 347 Stainless Steel Bright Annealing Tube


347 Stainless Steel Tubes Available Sizes

NB Sizes Sch 5 Sch 10 Sch 40 Sch 80 Sch 160
1 1/4″
1 1/2″
2 1/2″


347 Stainless Steel Tube Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni N
347 min. 17.0 9.0
max. 0.08 2.0 1.0 0.040 0.030 20.0 13.0


Stainless Steel 347 Tubes Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strength (MPa) min Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Elongation (% in 50mm) min Hardness
Rockwell B (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
347 515 205 40 92 201


Stainless Steel 347 Tube Physical Properties

Grade Density (kg/m3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (m/m/0C) Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) Specific Heat 0-1000C (J/kg.K) Electrical Resistivity (n.m)
0-1000C 0-3150C 0-5380C at 1000C at 5000C
347 8000 193 15.9 16.2 17.0 14.2 18.7 500 740


Equivalent Grades for 347 Stainless Steel Tubes

SS 347 1.4550 S34700 SUS 347 08Ch18N12B X6CrNiNb18-10


Stainless Steel 347 Tube Price List

  • tp347 seamless stainless steel Tubes
    US $2500-4100 / Ton (FOB Price)
  • seamless Tube astm a213 tp347
    US $600-1200 / Ton (FOB Price)
  • stainless steel seamless Tubes tp347
    US $500-2000 / Ton (FOB Price)
  • ASTM A213 TP347 stainless steel welded Tube
    US $850-2200 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
  • sa213 tp347 seamless Tubes
    US $1.5-9 / Kilogram (FOB Price)
  • tp347 seamless Tubes manufacturer
    US $850-2200 / Metric Ton (FOB Price)
  • ASTM A213 Gr. TP347 Welded Tube
    US $500-1000 / Ton (FOB Price)

SS 347 Seamless / Welded Tubes Application Industries

  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Pulp and Paper Industry

SS 347 Steel Tube Test Certificates

We at GIC provide Manufacturer TC (Test Certificate) in accordance to EN 10204/3.1B, Raw Materials Certificate, 100% Radiography Test Report, Third Party Inspection Report. We also provide Standard certificates like EN 10204 3.1 and additional requirement like. NACE MR 01075. FERRIT CONTENT as per norms if requested by clients.

• EN 10204/3.1B,
• Raw Materials Certificate
• 100% Radiography Test Report
• Third Party Inspection Report, etc

ASTM, ASME and API SS 347 Tubes Value Added Services

Material Testing:
We at Ganpat Industrial Corporation ensure that all our materials go through strict quality tests before dispatching them to our clients.

• Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area
• Hardness Test
• Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis
• Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing
• Flattening Test
• Micro and MacroTest
• Pitting Resistance Test
• Flaring Test
• Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test


• Commercial Invoice which includes HS Code
• Packing List including net weight and gross weight, number of boxes, Marks and Numbers
• Certificate of Origin legalized/attested by Chamber of Commerce or Embassy
• Fumigation Certificates
• Raw Material Test Reports
• Material Traceability Records
• Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
• Heat Treatment Charts
• Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175
• Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2
• Guarantee Letter
• NABL approved Laboratory Test Reports
• Welding Procedure Specification/Procedure Qualification Record, WPS/PQR
• Form A for the purposes of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

SS 347 Tubes Packaging

Stainless Steel 347 Tubes Wooden Packing Stainless Steel 347 Tube Packing Stainless Steel 347Seamless Tube may be furnished bare or coated and with capped ends. tubes up to 3” OD will be supplied in bundles. In order to prevent rust during sea shipment, bundles of Stainless Steel 347 Seamless Tubes may be wrapped with polypropylene sheets, and secured with flat steel bands. Over 3” OD will be supplied loose.

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